European Job Days at UAB Juodeliai

This year, on the days April 4th – 15th, for the first time, the Network of European Public Employment Services (EURES), together with territorial divisions, organized European Job Days in the EU member states, Iceland and Norway. During this campaign more than 150 000 employers were addressed in 30 European countries.

Territorial Labour Exchanges supported this European initiative actively. All 10 Territorial Labour Exchange Offices organized two-week long session of various meetings with employers and representatives of their companies or organizations. Specialists from Labour Exchanges visited enterprises and companies, while job seekers were provided with an opportunity to participate in the familiarization visits to the enterprises. Apart from those, for job seekers, especially young people, there were work fairs, seminars, career days, practical training sessions etc. organized.

Šiauliai Territorial Labour Exchange brought together a group of young people aged under 29 years from Radviliškis city with the aim in view to familiarize them with the UAB Juodeliai, a wood processing company. First thing before going to visit facilities of the Company, the group had been introduced to the motto of the excursion: “Be inquisitive, show your open mind, and employers will help you to create your future“. The aim of this familiarization visit had been to get young people (aged 16-29) acquainted with the activity of the wood working company, positions here, work to be performed, and, of course, with employment opportunities. During this visit, representatives of the Company showed the territory of UAB Juodeliai, and not only this, they also draw attention of the visitors to the specificity of work at the Company, named the vacancies and described what is expected from a person in a particular position at the Company. There had been hopes and they remained that job seekers during their familiarization visit to the Company’s facilities would get interested in the working environment and specific conditions here, and someday in the future these persons will make decision to stay with our Company as employees.