Almost All of the Offered Round timber was Sold in Auctions of the Second Half of 2016

On 1 June this year, in the auctions held within the Round Timber Electronic Trading System (AMEPS), offers were submitted to purchase round timber of the second half of 2016 as well as for the conclusion of half – year and long – term contracts.

By way of auction, the buyers of timber purchased as much as 95% of the offered round timber from state – owned forests, i. e., 1% more than in the auction of the first half of the year, when public forester enterprises concluded contracts with buyers of timber for 94% of the production from state – owned forests offered for sale.

The remaining 5% include small amounts of different assortments, the offers to purchase which were not submitted. In total, over 1,600 round timber purchase offers were submitted. The public forester enterprises offered 702,000 m³ of round timber assortments for sale.

The quantity of round timber purchased by the wood processing company UAB Juodeliai will ensure continuous production during the second half of 2016.