UAB Juodeliai to contribute to the target funding of the Wood Science and Trade programme of studies

On 26 July of this year Aleksandras Stulginskis University hosted the screening of candidates for the target funding places of studies. The target funding of studies is allocated for specific high schools and programmes of studies with regard to the high demand of specialists in certain fields.

Upon the allocation of this type of funding, a standard contract is not only signed between the student and the higher school, but also a trilateral agreement between the student, the employer undertaking to employ the student for at least three years after the studies, and the University guaranteeing the education. Aleksandras Stulginskis University received 98 places of which 6 places are for the target studies in the specialisation of Wood Science and Trade.

Wood processing company UAB Juodeliai contributed to the target funding of the Wood Science and Trade programme of studies. The representative of this company took part in the motivational interviews with eligible students and made a final decision on signing the contract in which UAB Juodeliai committed not only to fund 20% of the price of studies of a chosen student (the remaining 80% of the studies is funded by the state), but, upon completion of studies, to employ the student in the company. Through participation in such type of projects, the company supports education and preparation of professionals that will be needed for our company in its operations and future expansion.