Changes in UAB Juodeliai Team

On February 24, wood processing company UAB Juodeliai organised the annual meeting of its administrative staff where the action plans, goals and projects for 2017–2018 were presented. Naturally, the meeting began with the review of the previous year – 2016 – which saw an all-time record turnover of the company amounting to 35 million Euros.

The company would have never achieved these record figures without its team of employees that continued to grow and develop in the previous year. In February 2017, the company introduced a new position of Finance Director and Director to improve the structure of management. Saulius Bitinas who has a long-term experience in top managing positions became the director of UAB Juodeliai and from now on will be directly responsible for the daily operations of the company and achievement of set goals.

The second part of the meeting was dedicated to the lecture given by yachtsman Paulius Kovas who shared his experiences on how one should act at sea and in everyday business illustrating his story with photographs, movies and recollections from his trip around the world in the yacht Ambersail.