Annual Audit for FSC® Chain of Custody Compliance at UAB Juodeliai Successfully Completed

From March 15th till 21st 2017, at UAB Juodeliai, a wood processing company, an annual surveillance audit to verify continued compliance with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody certification requirements was conducted. The aim of this audit is to evaluate compliance of company’s activity and processes with FSC® standard requirements. The annual surveillance audit was conducted by UAB NEPCon LT, an FSC international certification body.

The audit started on March 15th 2017 when a representative of the UAB NEPCon Lt visited the headquarters of UAB Juodeliai in Marijampolė. Company’s production units were visited on the other days. Production chain procedures have been reviewed, the due diligence system (DDS) analysis has been conducted and contact with the company’s responsible employees and partners has taken place. At the production units, raw material takings, production, sales and transport document billing and accounting have been inspected.

Upon completion of the annual audit, we would like to emphasize that we appreciate very much both the positive evaluation presented by UAB NEPCon LT auditor and useful comments and recommendations received. They encourage us to go further while improving our activity and obligate to pursue higher quality standards.