UAB Juodeliai Contributes to Providing Entrepreneurship Education for the Forestry Sector Specialists

Only last year, in cooperation with three institutions (Kaunas College of Forestry and Environmental Engineering, Public Institution Dubrava Experimental and Training Forest Enterprise, and Wood Processing UAB Juodeliai), a demonstrational – educational Christmas-tree and ornamental – plant farm was established.

The first generation of students already participates in the process, receiving actual investments and cultivating the plant farm. The duration of studies at the college is three years, but this period is too short for trees to grow, therefore, in the next stage, namely, during the realization phase, a next generation of students is going to step in. Such a consistent study process will positively contribute to the development of student entrepreneurship.

We are proud to contribute to the development of future professionals and their entrepreneurship in the forestry industry.