Chinese Delegation visit at UAB Juodeliai

This year, on the 21st of September, the wood processing company UAB Juodeliai was visited by the Chinese delegation of China’s Pallet Professional Committee. The visit was organized at the initiative of China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing (CFLP). The delegation consisted of 17 representatives of 11 companies. The aim of the visit was to get to know the Lithuanian – Latvian pallet market and production trends and to establish long-term business relations.

The delegation visited the company’s production centre in Radviliškis, where representatives of the company presented production technologies, showed the warehouse and production process, as well as acquainted the delegation with the quality and sorting of the company’s production. After the visit to the production centre, the delegation was invited for a business lunch followed by a brief conference during which Lithuanian wood industry and a vision for the expansion of UAB Juodeliai to the Chinese market were discussed. The Federation and the Committee were satisfied with the visit to the company and expressed their hope to increase cooperation and to strengthen relations.

The visit shows that UAB Juodeliai is on the right track in strengthening business relations with Chinese producers, while the company’s representative in China makes a massive contribution to this effort.