Children of UAB Juodeliai employees awarded for excellent study achievements

UAB Juodeliai has a beautiful tradition of congratulating on the 1st of September their employees’ children who attend schools and universities with the start of the new study year and sharing the joy of their excellent study achievements.

All children of the employees have been congratulated on the occasion of the start of the school year by presenting them with the symbolic gifts and wishing top study performance. This year, nearly 160 children of the company employees will attend schools and universities.

The monetary awards have been granted by the Charity and Relief Foundation Juodeliai & Co to the best students among the children of the company employees for six consecutive years. According to the academic grade average in 2017 – 2018, this year the awards were granted to four best students. The average grade of three of them amounted to 9-9.5 points, with the average of one of the four reaching 9.79 points. We are very proud of such excellent results and hope that many more will join these amazing four kids in the coming year.