UAB Juodeliai contributes to the preservation of the Lithuanian artistic assets

On the last day of summer, a new private museum of fine art and historical literary manuscripts – the Lithuanian Art Centre Tartle – was opened in Vilnius. The museum exhibits a collection of the Lithuanian Art Foundation put together by UAB Juodeliai’s legal partner Mr Rolandas Valiūnas in collaboration with the partners from Ellex Valiūnas Law Firm.

Even though the collection of the Art Centre Tartle is officially presented as a corporate collection of Ellex Valiūnas, it would be fair to name Mr Rolandas Valiūnas, the firm founder and leading partner, its main begetter and collector.

The collector said that nearly half of the pieces of work have been brought from different foreign auctions, galleries and stores, and the rest were acquired in Lithuania. This private art collection, open for the public, is the largest one in the Central Europe, and was started back in 2000. The visitors will be able to admire the exclusive works of the Lithuanian art and historic masterpieces, and enjoy more than 7 thousand exhibits, introducing the Lithuanian works of art and historic artefacts of both modern cultural heritage and those dating back to the times of paganism. The largest collection of paintings in Vilnius is also among the exhibits.

The opening ceremony of the Tartle brought together a great number of Lithuanian business, political and public representatives, with UAB Juodeliai, a patron of the Lithuanian Art Centre, among them. We are happy being able to contribute to the introduction of society to the Lithuanian history through art, to collect and bring back the Lithuanian cultural and historical heritage scattered all over the world to the homeland, but also – what is most important – to make it available to society.

Exhibitions at this Centre will be changed twice per year. The new museum will open to the groups of visitors from the middle of October. Read more about the museum here.