Employees – one of the most important investment directions for UAB Juodeliai

As autumn has already arrived, the staff of the wood-processing company UAB Juodeliai continues the tradition, which was started several years ago, and bids farewell to the summer by participating in team-building activities. This year, swamps were the place where the team had a chance to test itself, reveal and show its strengths and community spirit when striving for a common goal.

Marching through the four-kilometre-long swamps, which stretch in Trakai district, was quite a challenge for everyone, but there is nothing that the staff of Juodeliai cannot accomplish, and everyone came back full of energy and good impressions.

The purposes of the activity was to bridge the gap of communication between new and experienced employees, encourage cooperation and seek synergy between different views, search for joint solutions, and develop the ability to celebrate both personal and joint results.

We believe that one of the key purposes – to bring together and motivate the team to strive for common goals – was achieved. UAB Juodeliai intends to continue active investment in its employees: their improvement, communication, and motivation to work for common goals in a targeted manner and be a strong team.