UAB Juodeliai project launched in Spring 2019 by Lean introductory training gains momentum

As of Spring 2019, after having completed introductory Lean training, the wood processing company UAB Juodeliai has already been applying three major Lean tools in its daily operations: Asaichi, Kaizen and 5S. These tools are used by certified leaders – company employees who are responsible for the implementation of each of the tools.

We are happy to announce that as many as one quarter of all company employees have participated in at least one of Lean methods trainings. Asaichi meetings of all-level employees are held daily, working places are maintained according to 5S method, employees submit and implement Kaizen proposals and are being valued and awarded as a result.

All the above methods have already proven valuable in terms of company security, efficiency and financial matters, thus, the company plans to continue the project of implementing Lean management system by increasing the number of trained employees, encouraging employees’ engagement and introducing new Lean methods into the company’s operations.