After lockdown UAB Juodeliai choose a hybrid work model

Since 1 June, after the Government eased the restrictions on working at the office and mass vaccination began, more and more companies decided to return to offices. However, even after lockdown, office work is being combined with remote work at the wood processing company UAB Juodeliai

As there is no specific definition of a hybrid work model, each organisation chooses the most suitable and effective method. According to the revised Work Regulation of UAB Juodeliai, the employees of the central office have the possibility to work remotely two days per week and at the office the rest of the week, in compliance with all the obligations and recommendations regarding safe work during the state of national emergency after lockdown.

Remote work has shown that employees can carry out their duties effectively without being at the office. Therefore, a hybrid work model, when part of the week employees work at the office and another part of the week they work remotely, allows meeting the needs of the company and it’s employees.