About us

Private limited liability company (UAB, Uždaroji akcinė bendrovė) Juodeliai was established in 1994. The company’s successful activities have been based on the following business principles:

  • Staff appreciation;
  • Close communication with clients;
  • Keeping agreements;
  • transparency

UAB Juodeliai conducts transparent and responsible business and supports the culture of business ethics.

The development of the wood processing company is mostly determined by the basic values of the organization:

  • Responsibility;
  • Quality;
  • Innovation.

The slogan of the European standard wood product company expresses the attention to its production and clients: high quality products, quick response to orders, mutually beneficial transactions, both for the purchaser and the seller.

By following the strict requirements of the European standards, being responsible for its employees and clients, and by implementing innovations without fear, UAB Juodeliai has achieved excellent results in Lithuania as well as in foreign countries.


UAB Juodeliai currently employs almost 600 people between its administration and four production units in Akmenynai, Jūrė, Radviliškis and Marijampolė.

The company assembles the products that meet the requirements of the clients and supplies separate components of conifer and leaf-bearing softwood, as well as provides production transportation services. The main types of products and by-products of the manufacturing process are as follows:

  • Blanks of European standard wooden pallets (EURO pallets, pallet elements) and blanks of chemical industry pallets CP pallets (pallet blanks, CP standard pallets, pallet boards, wooden blocks),
  • Firewood (birch, black alder, asp, and conifer);
  • Non-certified double-sided and four-sided pallets (one-way pallets);
  • Clean sawdust (free from organic and mechanic impurities);
  • Wood sliver (technical sliver).

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