Membership in Associations:

The Investors’ Forum Association

The Investors’ Forum is a voluntary, totally independent and self-managed business association of the largest and most active investors in the Lithuanian economy. Mission of the association: to improve the business environment and investment climate in Lithuania, through cooperation with public institutions and the business community. The main goal of its activities is rational and business-friendly solutions.

UAB Juodeliai has been a member of the Investor’s Forum association since 2017.

The Association of Knowledge Economy Forum (KEF)

Knowledge Economy Forum is a non-governmental organization of experts aiming to develop a competitive state based on knowledge and creativity. Main activity areas: progressive and innovative business, lifelong learning, and open, knowledge-based governance.

UAB Juodeliai has been a member of the Knowledge Economy Forum Association since September 2016.

‘Clear wave’ – transparent and responsible business practice initiative

‘Clear wave’ is the first and the only initiative of transparent and responsible business practice in Lithuania. The purpose of this initiative that has been launched thirteenth years ago (in 2007) is to encourage transparent business practices in Lithuania and establish the principles of transparent and honest business. Currently ‘Clear wave’ unites over fifty members.

In 2014, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has included this initiative in the list of good practices fighting against corruption. The President of the Republic of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaitė is the patroness of the ‘Clear wave’ project, and this initiative is supported by the State Tax Inspectorate.

The company UAB Juodeliai has joined the ‘Clear wave’ initiative on 17 February 2015. The ‘Clear wave’ label indicates that companies pursue responsibility and transparency in their business activities and actively encourage other market participants to follow their example. The members of the ‘Clear wave’ initiative publicly declare that they comply with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and pay due taxes, maintain transparent accounts and records of payments to their employees and ensure transparent participation in the tenders (public procurement).

The association of independent wood scalers of Lithuania (LNMMA)

The Association of Independent Wood Scalers of Lithuania is an institution providing round wood, shredded biofuel, and forest measurement services (single, in groups, and expert services), as well as methodical support to companies. The association incorporated its activity in September 2004.

UAB Juodeliai is a member of the LNMMA since January 2014.

The Association of Human Resources Professionals (PVPA)

The Association of Human Resources Professionals (PVPA) is a public organization uniting the Lithuanian professionals of human resources, established in 2006, and striving to improve the level and efficiency of human resources management in Lithuania.

UAB Juodeliai is a member of the PVPA since June 2013. The membership in the association provides the possibility to be first to know all the news in the field of human resources management, enables to participate in various events, not only in those organized by the association, to draw new ideas and find new opportunities. During their cooperation, the member companies expand their horizons, share experience and insights. The members of PVPA are able to use various opportunities for improvement and influencing decisions when solving relevant issues.

The European Pallet Association (EPAL)

On 10 December 2007, the Association of Pallet Manufacturers and Repairers (hereinafter—Association) was founded in Lithuania to combat illegally operating pallet producers. On 18 June 2009, the Association was accepted into the European Pallet Association (EPAL) as the EPAL National Committee in the Baltic Countries. The activities of the Association focus on the representation of the interests of its members in government agencies and in the media and in cooperation with foreign organisations and influential European associations and federations involved in similar activities.

The membership of UAB Juodeliai in EPAL facilitates communication and cooperation with other producers of elements for pallets and manufacturers of wooden pallets. The products of UAB Juodeliai are officially recognised as corresponding to EPAL standards and requirements, therefore allowing UAB Juodeliai to meet the customer’s needs in different countries.

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The Wood Processors Association

The Wood Processors Association unites small and medium – sized wood processing companies. The aim of the Association is to collect and share information about wood industry and development among its members, promote the transparency of the activity of industry institutions.
UAB Juodeliai is a member of the Wood Processors Association since its establishment in 2007.