Quality, environment protection, occupational safety and health policy

Operating since 1994, UAB Juodeliai has always adhered to the main principles of its activities and the values it cherishes – the highest quality of products, attention to the needs of customers and employees, and social responsibility. These values are also reflected in the Company’s integrated management system that complies with the requirements of internationally recognised quality, information security, environmental protection, occupational safety and health standards.

Strategic goals and tasks:

  • To take into account the needs and expectations of customers, to fully respect the commitments undertaken.
  • To ensure the compliance with the regulatory legislation valid in the Republic of Lithuania, and with other obligations.
  • To ensure stable development and profitability of the Company’s activities.
  • To ensure continuing efficiency and effectiveness of business processes through employee competence and awareness raising, to seek to improve the quality, the effectiveness of environment protection, occupational safety and health.
  • To maintain lasting, trust-based relationships with customers, suppliers, partners and stakeholders.
  • To train competent staff to help achieve the goals of the quality management system.
  • To upgrade the qualifications of employees by improving their knowledge and skills.
  • To ensure that all employees are involved in the IMS management.
  • To inform employees and stakeholders about the quality, information security, environmental protection, occupational safety and health policy implemented by the Company.
  • To provide employees with safe and healthy working conditions, to prevent accidents, incidents and occupational diseases.
  • To prevent environmental pollution by using natural and energy resources in an economical and rational manner, and, where possible, by reducing emissions into the environment and encouraging the re-use of generated waste.
  • To protect all the information handled by the Company from threats that may affect the Company’s activities and reputation.
  • Priorities related to information security:
  • - To ensure proper information security event and incident management;
    - To ensure the acceptable level of information security;
    - To ensure the Company’s business continuity management.

The Company consistently analyses its performance and systematically improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the integrated management system. New quality, environmental protection, occupational safety and health goals and tasks are set every year, aiming at continuous improvement and maintenance of this policy’s relevance.

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