08/09/2019 /  UAB Juodeliai in the Sector Leaders 2019 Top 10

For the fourth year in a row business daily the Verslo žinios, based on the rating model developed by the newspaper’s analysts, has selected the most powerful Lithuanian companies from 8 business sectors that lead the field in terms of their annual operating performance.

Companies operating in the manufacturing and energy, retail and wholesale, advertising and public relations, construction, technology, finance, transport, and HORECA (hospitality and catering) sectors will be among this year’s nominees.

The ranking of sector leaders includes comparison of companies operating in each sector. Evaluation is based on 6 indicators: profit before tax, sales revenues and annual fluctuations of the two, profit margin, and average wages. When rating the Sector Leaders 2019, the financial data of 2018 are taken into account. This year 10 strongest Lithuanian companies were shortlisted in each business sector.

In total, 256 companies were rated in the largest manufacturing and energy sector with the wood processing company UAB Juodeliai listed in the Top 10 of the most powerful companies of the sector together with three representatives of wood processing and furniture industry, two electronics manufacturers, as well as companies representing fertilizer production, electric power transmission, aircraft maintenance, and other businesses.

06/09/2019 /  A symbolic time capsule buried to mark the official start of construction of UAB Juodeliai new production facility

On the 5th of September 2019, the construction of the world’s fastest production line for short packaging elements was officially started in Marijampolė municipality with the burying of the symbolic time capsule. The production capacity of UAB Juodeliai new production facility will be twice as high as those of the three currently operating plants in Kalvarija, Kazlų Rūda, and Radviliškis.

The beginning of construction works suggests that successful cooperation between town administration and a private business may result in employment creation in Lithuania.

A symbolic capsule containing the letter to future generations signed by the honorary guests, including Viktoras Pranckietis, LR Parliament Speaker, Dainius Gaižauskas, Chairman of the Committee on National Defence and Security, Povilas Isoda, Mayor of Marijampolė municipality, Andrius Zimnickas, Chairman of the Board of UAB Juodeliai, and Ignas Stasiukonis, General Manager of UAB Juodeliai, was buried in the territory of the future plant.

The expansion of UAB Juodeliai wood processing company is expected to create around 100 new job vacancies. Upon the implementation of the investment project in 2020, the company aspires to become the second largest pallet elements manufacturer in Europe.

03/09/2019 /  Traditional incentives to the children of UAB Juodeliai employees

Wood processing company UAB Juodeliai follows a beautiful tradition of congratulating all the school-age children of the company’s employees on the first day of a new school-year. For some of the children this school year will be their first, and for some – the last year of studies. In total, around 170 children of the company’s employees are starting a new school year this September.

For the past several years, the high achievers among the children of the company’s employees (5-12 grade pupils) have been granted monetary awards by Juodeliai & Co Charity and Support Foundation. Based on last year’s results, this year three children were granted the awards for their outstanding results and the overall score ranging from 9 to 9.8.

We wish all the pupils joyful and interesting time at school.

14/08/2019 /  UAB Juodeliai became an official sponsor for MO museum

MO museum, one of the most innovative Lithuanian museums and the first private visual art museum of that scale, opened up in Vilnius almost a year ago. The museum building designed by Daniel Libeskind is dedicated to housing a collection of over 5 000 pieces of Lithuanian art. The collection that has been stored since 2008 is now comprised of 5 000 pieces of modern and contemporary art. This collection is the Lithuanian art gold fund that has been compiled since 1950′s to this day.

It only took three months for MO museum to be nominated as the Event of the Year and win several awards in 2019. MO museum encouraged people to visit Lithuanian museums more frequently and made the concept of quality recreation and slow museum-time popular. The museum aims at de-elitizing art by making it comprehensible and accessible to different social groups.

MO museum presented a great opportunity to wood processing company UAB Juodeliai to contribute to fostering contemporary art. We are happy to be the official museum sponsor and to be able to encourage the public to take interest in art.

17/07/2019 /  UAB Juodeliai – American development strategy for the US market

The wood processing company UAB Juodeliai has won the selection procedure and was awarded the opportunity to cooperate with the world-class business school – UCLA Anderson School of Management. The prestigious programme of one of the best-known business schools in the world last year had involved 40 companies worldwide seeking to enter the US market. For the first time in history the candidate list included 4 Lithuanian companies. This year UAB Juodeliai has been selected to participate in an similar programme.

In the programme of this business school that ranks 18th in the 2018 Bloomberg Businessweek Best B-Schools global ranking, MBA student teams shall be performing an extensive US market analysis surveying 125–150 potential clients, market experts, distributors and shall attend 3–4 expositions. Based on their results the companies shall be given individual strategic business plans with specific recommendations on business development in the US market.

The first visit to the UCLA Anderson School of Management is planned in July this year. Two employees of UAB Juodeliai will be going to the US to visit the school. After the first meeting in the US, a student group assigned for the company shall be visiting Lithuania to see UAB Juodeliai production divisions and the final visit is to be organised in December this year in the US.