15/02/2010 /  Winter is a season for wood cutting

The work of wood processors was temporarily suspended by the winter cold.  However, low temperatures created good conditions for wood processing work.

Deforestation in Lithuania is the most intensive during winter months. This year’s winter is very friendly for wood processing work, because of the ability to deforest the most waterish areas that are most difficult to operate. During a warm period of the year, wood processing work is almost impossible in those areas.

Wood processors of the country’s forestry enterprises, including the producers of pallet blanks, are supplied timely with the raw material appointed in the contract. It is to be ensured that the supply of raw materials for wood processors would be smooth in spring, as well; accordingly, the wood is stored in the places that are easy to approach.

11/02/2010 /  Raw materials shortage in the market of pallet manufacturers

After slowing down the work of producers of the pallet elements, the January cold has also adversely affected the work of pallet producers. Due to the shortage of raw materials, they are unable to carry out orders. As stated by foreign partners of UAB Juodeliai, about 30% of orders from January currently remain outstanding. Some clients are willing to pay a higher price for pallet boards, expecting faster delivery of products.

Due to thawing weather in early February the work of Lithuanian sawmills has activated. However, the production works in the first weeks of February are assigned to carry out the orders of January. Wood processing companies, including UAB Juodeliai, with obligations to customers since January, takes only a small proportion of new orders. New orders of March are planned to be taken only in the third and fourth weeks of February.

02/02/2010 /  Extreme cold slowed down the operation of sawmills

Unexpected cold in Lithuania constricted the work of the country’s wood processors.

In the last two weeks, as the thermometer column dropped below -15ºC, many cutters and sawmills temporarily suspended or limited the production of wood. The work was suspended because of economical unprofitableness. According to Juozupas Zimnickas, the director of Wood Processors Association that unites more than 20 companies, the performance on average fell by 50 percent. The decrease was determined by the fact that trees and wood got too frozen and is difficult to cut and process, said Mr. Zimnickas, the Chairman of the Board of UAB Juodeliai.

The meteorologists forecast that freezing weather will prevail in the first half of February. Low temperature in February can have negative effect on the work of wood processors. Therefore, the chance to be late to fulfil obligations to partners and customer increases.

18/01/2010 /  Export of wood and its products decreased by one fourth

During the period from January to September of 2009, the export of Lithuanian wood and its products decreased by one fourth and and was only 4.2 billion Litas. The export of cut timber has decreased by 4%.

According to the Department of Statistics, 319 thousand m³ of wood was exported from Lithuania during this period. The export of conifer has increased by 2%, and the export of leaf-bearing trees decreased by one tenth. Germany remains to be the main country of export.

Compared to the year of 2008, the import of cut timber into the country has decreased by more than 41% The conifer import was 35% less than a year before, and the import of leaf bearing trees was 56% less.

During this period, there were 183 thousand m³ of conifer exported and 118 thousand m³ imported. 136 thousand m³ of softwood exported, and 30 thousand m³ imported.

04/01/2010 /  UAB Juodeliai is implementing a project of Export Development to the Western European Markets

In order to successfully establish in the international markets, UAB Juodeliai is implementing a project of Export Development to the Western European Markets.

Starting from September 15, 2009, UAB Juodeliai is working on the project “UAB Juodeliai Export Development to the Western European Markets” that is implemented under the EU measure “New Opportunities”. This project is partly funded from the European Union Structural Funds. The company intends to invest into the project up to 61 826.00 LTL of its own funds and expects to receive up to 144 259.00 LTL of the structural support. The total costs of the project are up to 206 085.00 LTL. Implementation of the project “UAB Juodeliai Export Development to the Western European Markets” will last 26 months.

In order to strengthen the position of the company in the international wood-processing market, the following measures were taken:

  • An export marketing specialist was employed;
  • Modern website was created;
  • A market research of the Western European markets is carried out;
  • An export marketing strategy in the Western European markets is developing.

According to Juozupas Zimnickas, General Director of UAB Juodeliai, support provided by the European Union until completion of the project in November 2011 will open new opportunities for the company to gain competitive advantage that is necessary for the further successful business expansion in the Western European markets.