By producing the blanks for the pallets of European standard and chemical industry pallets (EURO pallets and CP pallets), firewood is made as a by-product. It is obtained from different kinds of timber: birch, black alder, aspen, pine, and fir.


UAB Juodeliai may also sort out firewood by the type of wood. This sorting out service also allows us to present a client firewood produced at different prices and quality.

Quality and quantity parameters of the firewood:

  • from 10 cm at the thin end and more;
  • width: 2,5 m and 1,25 m;
  • without soft rot.

Monthly output of the wood processing company is about 2000 m3 of firewood, the structure of which, on the basis of the sorts of the timber, is as follows:

  • birch – 25 %;
  • black alder and asp – 50%;
  • conifer (pine and fir) – 25%.