Pallet blanks

The company produces container boards and balk that meet the requirements of clients that are used for the production of different types of wooden pallets. The blanks of EURO pallets, CP pallets and non-standard pallets are made from conifer (fir and pine) and leaf-bearing trees (birch, black alder and aspen).

Pallet blanks

The boards and balks are fresh-cut and have natural humidity. At a client’s request, the company provides a drying service and delivers the dried boards.

Average monthly volumes of the produced boards and balks are equal to 55000 m3. The greater part of the products made by the company is pallets of the European standard (EURO pallets) and chemical industry pallets (CP pallets), and boards of 1st, 2nd and 3rd sorts.

To serve the special needs of the customers UAB Juodeliai produces nonstandard pallet plates of type I, II and III:

  • thickness: 12-200 mm;
  • width: 60-200 mm;
  • length: 800-3100 mm.

UAB Juodeliai also provides a sawn wood processing services:

  • milling;
  • impregnation;
  • drying.