04/02/2015 /  UAB Juodeliai sawmill in Radviliškis accepts round wood measured by independent timber measurers

The Lithuanian independent timber measurement association (LNMMA) provides measurement services (one-time, group and expert) for round wood, pulverized biomass fuel, and standing forestry as well as methodical support for companies. The association was established in 2004 and has been successfully operating for the last ten years. Currently, it has 21 employees, 17 of which are independent timber measurers.

The association is continually expanding the range of measurement services for round wood, pulverized biomass fuel, and standing forestry, and currently has 6 facilities: two of them are in Klaipėda; the others — in Alytus, the district of Prienai, Ukmergė, and since 1 November, 2014, in Radviliškis (UAB Juodeliai).

Hoping to achieve greater transparency, the wood processing company UAB Juodeliai has joined the aforementioned association starting from January 2014. With this said purpose in mind, the representatives of LNMMA started working at the company‘s new wood cutting plant in Radviliškis on 1 November, 2014.

From this date onwards, LNMMA is completely responsible for accepting timber, ensuring that its quality and quantity are in compliance with the round wood suppliers’ agreements, as well as accounting for Radviliškis’ round wood warehouse.