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05/06/2014 /  Award received in the running competition ‘Let’s Run for Marijampolė 2014′

From 30 May to 1 June, 2014 the series of cultural events known as Days of Marijampolė City took place in the capital of Marijampolė County. A massive running competition called Let’s Run for Marijampolė 2014 was part of the annual festivity. The sport event surpassed all previous running competitions in Marijampolė by the number of participants.

The start of more than 200 runners was given in the morning of 31 May. Among numerous participants there was a team from Juodeliai, wood processing company. The length of race was 6 kilometres and participants ran through several city parks and multiple streets. The Juodeliai team received an award in recognition of the ‘Organisation Having Most Participants’.

Participation in such sport events unites team members, ameliorates relationships within the organization and motivates staff in new projects. Achievements in competitions affirms the team’s enthusiasm in reaching the best results.

23/05/2014 /  UAB Juodeliai company representatives attended the international trade show in China

UAB Juodeliai, wood processing company, representatives are back from the 3rd Guangzhou International Wood & Wood Products Trade Show, held on 12–14 May 2014 in Guangzhou, China.

Increasing imports of wood to China have had a strong positive impact on the number of participants at the trade show. This year, representatives of 15 countries such as the USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, Russia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Latvia, the UK, Greece, Brazil, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and, of course, Lithuania took part in the event. Over a dozen companies attended the trade show in order to visit the stand of UAB Juodeliai and discuss opportunities for cooperation.

There were 47 company stands at the trade show. Representatives of companies exchanged opinions, shared their experiences and forged new contacts with potential partners. The representatives of UAB Juodeliai also set up new contacts to undertake joint business operations in the foreseeable future.

In addition, the representatives of UAB Juodeliai visited some of the company’s current clients and attended the Industry Forum with Wood Guangzhou 2014. The opportunities of UAB Juodeliai (and in particular of the new Radviliškis production facilities that are provided with the most modern computer-aided wood processing lines in the Baltic States and Poland) to produce items of non-standard dimensions and expand the selection of products were presented during the forum.

This trade show was another successful step for UAB Juodeliai in the international expansion, especially with regard to sales in Eastern markets.

16/05/2014 /  UAB Juodeliai has started using a new computerized workstation for its master chief woodworker

The wood processing company UAB Juodeliai has taken one more important step towards the optimization and computerization of the company‘s production procedures. The rapidly growing company was in great need of a new solution – the optimization of the workstation of the master chief woodworkers of the company’s production divisions. For this purpose, the company decided to develop a computerized workstation for its master chief woodworkers. Usually, a clearly and easily controlled computerized workstation for a master chief woodworker, when it is connected to the system, enables him to indicate online the products that he has already manufactured. The existing business management system Microsoft Dynamics NAV optimizes the company’s operational procedures for a 24-hour period only. The IT Division of UAB Juodeliai has integrated the new workstation into available business analysis instruments.

The design solution of the new workstation also allows an operator to use this system on tablets. Mobility means that the master chief woodworker is not distracted from the production procedure, while the hardware is cheaper and more easily replaceable compared to an ordinary terminal workstation.

Since the beginning of May, computerized workstations have been used in two of the three woodworking production divisions (in Jure and Akmenynai). In the new Radviliskis workshop, the system will be put into operation in June this year.

The company is going to invite its partners who provide additional woodworking operations to add data to the new system. In this way, all the products manufactured by UAB Juodeliai will be available online and registered and processed in accordance with the same principles.

16/04/2014 /  Spring changes in the UAB Juodeliai team

During its almost 20 years of operation, the team of timber-processing company UAB Juodeliai has grown in strength and welcomes spring with new members of staff. We are delighted that we currently employ 300 people between our administration and three production units in Akmenynai, Jūrė and Radviliškis. Over the past three months, 40 new jobs, of the 80 planned, have been created in our new workshop in Radviliškis. The company plans to continue its success and expansion by further strengthening its team. Over the next two months, it is planned to increase the number of employees by nearly 13%, giving us a total of 340 employees.

The company continues to focus on quality, one of our most important values. To this end, the development of the internal audit and quality control unit started this spring. Expanding sales and logistics units will help us to remain focused on production and our customers. The changes associated with staff development are expected to allow the company to achieve its aims and objectives even better and more efficiently.

With warm spring wishes from the UAB Juodeliai team!

07/04/2014 /  UAB Juodeliai to take part in international trade show in China

Because the produce of the wood processing company UAB Juodeliai is of such interest, our representatives will attend Wood Guangzhou 2014, the 3rd Guangzhou International Wood and Wood Products Trade Show, in China on 12–14 May this year.

The trade show will be held for the third year in a row. In 2013, it was attended by companies from countries such as the USA, Canada, Malaysia, Russia, Germany and Sweden. The trade show was highly successful and introduced some excellent international opportunities for the companies.

This year, the trade show will be attended by companies from the UK, Brazil, Singapore, Hong Kong and Ukraine. And by UAB Juodeliai!

The organisers of the trade show expect this year’s event to be no less successful than the previous ones. It is forecast that the quantities of wood imports to China will continue to increase.

The trade show will occupy an area of 12,000 m2 and contain 650 stands. UAB Juodeliai will have stand No. 265. If you happen to visit the event, please visit our stand!

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