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01/08/2013 /  Short-term scheduled repair of production facilities

On 5–16 August 2013, a scheduled repair of our most powerful wood processing facilities will be implemented. The operation of the sawmills of UAB Juodeliai is very intensive, and repair and upgrading are therefore necessary in order to retain the current wood product production volumes and the premium quality of the products.

The volume of production of wooden pallet blanks in August will be reduced by almost a third due to the suspension of the production facilities. For this reason, the company will not be able to satisfy all the needs of the customers in full in terms of the supply of the required quantities of products.

UAB Juodeliai would like to note that this is a temporary suspension only. As soon as repair and upgrading work is completed, everything will return to normal and both the maximum possible production volumes and the premium quality of the products will be guaranteed.

26/11/2012 /  Traditional team-building training held at UAB Juodeliai

To continue last year’s tradition, the staff of UAB Juodeliai took part in team-building training on the topic ‘Despite our differences, we are striving for the same goal’. Since the company is rapidly growing, this year the training was oriented towards reducing the distance between new and experienced employees, encouraging cooperation, and seeking synergy between different views. The purpose of the training was to unite and motive the team to strive for joint goals.

During the practical team-building workshop, the participants had to complete tasks aimed at finding joint solutions, generating cooperative potential, creating and retaining the feeling of synergy, and developing the ability to celebrate both personal and joint results. A number of various teams were formed, the composition of which changed for each of the tasks to give the employees an opportunity to communicate with a maximum number of employees from different departments.

In the rapid development of its wood processing activity and an abundance of daily tasks, UAB Juodeliai intends to continue investing in its employees: their improvement, communication, and motivation to strive for joint goals in a targeted manner.

Traditional team-building training

30/10/2012 /  A new season starts for Radviliškis-Juodeliai basketball team

The charity and support foundation Juodeliai & Co has been a sponsor of the basketball team Radviliškis-Juodeliai from the town of Radviliškis for two seasons now. Radviliškis-Juodeliai competes in the National Basketball League (NBL). Starting from the 2011 season, the name of the basketball team changed from Radviliškis to Radviliškis-Juodeliai. This team has been competing in the NBL for four consecutive years. A strong team was formed for the 2011–2012 season, and they won first place in the regular season.

The Radviliškis-Juodeliai basketball team is ambitiously hoping to become one of the top eight teams in the 2012–2013 NBL season, in which as many as 18 clubs will compete. Although the list of players on the team has undergone considerable change, it is believed this will not impede the team from competing successfully and achieving the goals they have set. Radviliškis-Juodeliai has already played six matches in the new season. The season began only recently, and only two of the six games were won. But the successful performance in the preceding season inspires the team to believe that the best results are still to come.

The staff of UAB Juodeliai wishes the Radviliškis-Juodeliai basketball team a successful 2012–2013 season.

16/08/2012 /  Olympic fever in UAB Juodeliai

Countries worldwide are actively supporting their athletes at the summer Olympics in London. The team of UAB Juodeliai is also busy encouraging the Lithuanian Olympic team — all the employees have Olympic fever. There are heated discussions, bets are organised in separate divisions, and employees who are closest to guessing the correct results win token prizes.

The staff of UAB Juodeliai, the largest producer of pallet wood in the Baltic States, would like to congratulate our Lithuanian Olympic athletes:

  • Rūta Meilutytė and Laura Asadauskaitė who won gold medals,
  • Jevgenijus Šuklinas who won a silver medal,
  • Aleksandras Kazakevičius and Evaldas Petrauskas who won bronze medals.

During the first weekend of August, enthusiasm for the Olympics brought together all the company’s sports fans at the active leisure camp Ekspedicija.lt. They formed three teams and threw themselves into the challenges prepared for them — mountain climbing, team mountain climbing, an orientation competition, and beer-box climbing. The results were not only impressive for the very experienced instructors but were also exciting and unforgettable for the participants themselves.

How did you support your Olympic athletes?
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27/07/2012 /  Representatives of the wood processing company Juodeliai attend the forum ‘Training of young employees aimed at raising the competitiveness of business companies’

The forum ‘Training of young employees aimed at raising the competitiveness of business companies’ for companies and students/schoolchildren was held on 24 July at the Europa Royale Marijampolė hotel. The purpose of this social initiative was to familiarise young people with companies operating in the region and with the activities of these companies. In this way, business companies of the region are involved in providing professional information to youth, while schoolchildren and students have an opportunity to learn more about the labour market.

During the event, UAB Juodeliai, producer of pallet wood, was mentioned together with other well-known companies of the Marijampolė region such as UAB ARVI and UAB MANTINGA. These companies provide the greatest contribution to the reduction of unemployment among the population of Marijampolė town and county, and to the successful professional growth, attraction of investments, and development of the region.

The close contacts of UAB Juodeliai with the academic community, participation of the company in socially responsible business initiatives, and direct communication with potential employees bear fruit. After the company’s participation in the KTU Career Days 2012 event, a promising young employee joined the company. The managers of UAB Juodeliai confirmed that the company would continue to participate in socially responsible business events.