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14/03/2012 /  New information section about the company’s social responsibility initiatives

In 2009, the wood processing company UAB Juodeliai established the Juodeliai & Co Charity and Support Foundation. The foundation is actively expanding its activity and has therefore decided to provide the general public with more information about its initiatives. The new informational section ‘Social responsibility’ appeared in the website www.juodeliai.com on 7 March this year. Visitors are welcome to learn about the cooperation initiatives of the foundation aimed at providing charity and support since its establishment. The new section is an opportunity to show what the initiatives of Juodeliai & Co are focused on and what specific works have been completed.

The main fields of activity of the Juodeliai & Co Charity and Support Foundation are the following: support for sports, youth education and promotion of employment among youth, solving problems of children from families in need of social support, and support to children with life-threatening diseases. Everyone who cares about the problems of people such as these is invited to contribute to the activities of the Juodeliai & Co Charity and Support Foundation. Please contact us with your inquiries, proposals, or opinions at the special e-mail address fondas@juodeliai.lt.

28/02/2012 /  Juodeliai cooperates with Lithuanian Labour Exchange

Since January 2011, the wood processing company UAB Juodeliai has maintained a close relationship with the Marijampolė Regional Labour Exchange. The company participates in the “Subsidised Employment” project organised by the Lithuanian Labour Exchange under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour. While participating in the project, UAB Juodeliai has become one of the companies that employs the largest number of people in the areas of the highest unemployment, i.e. the districts of Akmenynai and Jūrė, where the wood processing divisions of UAB Juodeliai are located. The internet site of the Lithuanian Labour Exchange regularly announces information about job vacancies in the company. Non-subsidised workers promoted by the labour exchange are also employed. They are provided an opportunity to work and gain experience in one of the most advanced wood processing companies in Lithuania.

UAB Juodeliai is a company that is willing and able to employ socially vulnerable and supported employees, ensuring permanent jobs and wages commensurate with performance. This involves work in a wood processing company that implements innovations in the production of wooden pallets, blanks, and elements and provides real professional development opportunities.

07/02/2012 /  Nature causes adjustment of production plans for wood processing company in February

Until recently, the warm winter was favourable for cutting timber. In January, UAB Juodeliai produced 6,000 m³ of products and planned to use their maximum capacity in February to produce over 7,000 m³ of wood for pallets.

At the end of last week however, a Siberian anticyclone resulted in extreme cold in Lithuania. In some areas of the country, the temperature dropped below -30 ̊C. The extreme conditions forced us to adjust our production plans: the operation of the Jūrė sawmill was suspended earlier than planned for scheduled repair, while the productivity of the Akmenynai sawmill was reduced by approximately 20% in order to protect the equipment.

According to meteorologists, the extremely cold weather, which reached its peak last weekend, is likely to gradually become milder. By the first half of next week, we plan to start up the Jūrė sawmill, and in the second half of the week both the Jūrė and Akmenynai sawmills should be using all their production capacity. We plan to produce approximately 5,000 m³ of wood for pallets in February.

The impact of the natural conditions has some positive aspects as well: the scheduled repair of the equipment in the Jūrė sawmill will enable to ensure the precise dimensions of wood for pallets, reduce the quantity of products kept at the warehouse, and increase the quantity of logs available. All this will allow the company to be even more flexible in satisfying clients’ needs.

25/01/2012 /  An index value of the concept of corruption has changed in Lithuania

UAB NEPCon LT has announced that the Transparency International organisation has updated the Indexes of the Concept of Corruption (hereinafter – ICC) for 183 countries. These indexes are relevant for the wood processing companies purchasing controlled raw materials, i.e. round wood, which should be checked at a later stage under the company‘s inspection programme.

The newest ICC table shows that New Zealand, Denmark and Finland received the highest ratings (countries with the lowest level of corruption). Somalia and North Korea are at the bottom of this table. Compared with 2010, the value of the ICC in Lithuania, Costa Rica and Oman dropped down by 5 points. The value of the ICC in Lithuania dropped from 5.0 (in 2010) to 4.8 (in 2011). Despite all efforts, according to the values of the ICC and the position of FSC®, the risk level of purchasing illegally cut wood is still high in 9 EU countries – Bulgaria, Check Republic, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania and Slovakia.

The wood providers who sell the controlled raw material will re-launch the checks on wood-felling locations under the company’s inspection programme, as they did in 2010, when the ICC value in Lithuania was 4.9. The wood processing company UAB Juodeliai confirms that it purchases only FSC® certified or legally cut wood, thus ensuring a sustainable use of natural resources.

09/01/2012 /  UAB Juodeliai successfully achieves 2011 objectives

Summarised results for 2011 show that Juodeliai UAB has achieved its objectives set at the beginning of 2011. The company’s turnover increased to LTL 40 million, an increase of approximately 33 per cent compared to 2010. Production volume went up approximately 15 per cent and totalled 68,500 m³.

In 2011, Juodeliai UAB expanded its Sales Department, which now has 5 employees. The department can be proud that the number of clients increased as much as 125 per cent compared to 2010. The management of the company hopes that thanks to the good work, effort, and cooperation of all employees its objectives will also be achieved in 2012. The company expects its turnover in 2012 to reach LTL 50 million.