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10/08/2015 /  A Long-term Marathoner Promotes the Country and UAB Juodeliai Again

This year and for the 99th time (having started in 1909 and cancelled a few times due to World Wars and excessive heat), the traditional International Marches marathon took place in Nijmegen, Holland. The number of participants was not smaller than that of last-year’s marathon where 46 thousand marathoners participated. In terms of spectators, this marathon exceeded one million.

One long – term marathoner, 70-year-old Jonas Žilinskas (Liudvinavas, Lithuania), also took part for the tenth time, making this an anniversary! He competed in the veteran group consisting of 153 participants from 17 countries. After running 160 kilometers in four days, Jonas Žilinskas, just like the year before, brought home from Holland a medal for an honorable sixth place! The marathoner hopes to take part in the 100th marathon in 2016 as well.

For the third year in a row, the wood processing company UAB Juodeliai supported the sportsman’s traveling to this prestigious event in order to promote both Lithuania as well as our company’s name in the world.