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02/11/2011 /  Supporting the Zoology Room Activities

This winter, UAB Juodeliai decided to support the activities of the Zoology Room of the municipality of Marijampole in Lithuania. The Zoology Room has been operating within the Department for Nature Research and Environmental Education. Its main function is to provide the residents of Marijampole and the surrounding municipalities, as well as schoolchildren and kindergarten children, with the opportunity to see exotic animals free-of-charge. The zoological collection includes approximately 140 animals of 29 species. In 2010, the exhibited animals were visited by 3,134 people from the municipalities of Marijampole, Kalvarija, and Vilkaviskis. Furthermore, the visitors were provided with information about the animals. The Zoology Room is intended not just for exhibiting animals, but also for holding educational workshops. Each year, as finances permit, the Zoology Room is supplemented with more animal species. Teachers are extremely pleased with the present Zoology Room, and they willingly arrange guided tours for schoolchildren to this site. It is a pleasure for UAB Juodeliai to provide some support for the promotion of schoolchildren’s education.

26/09/2011 /  International standards have been implemented at UAB Juodeliai: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001

At the beginning of 2011, UAB Juodeliai began the implementation of an integrated management system. On September 19, the company was certified to be in compliance with three international standards: ISO 9001:2008 — the quality management system standard; ISO 14001:2004 — the environmental-protection management system standard; and OHSAS 18001:2007 — the management system standard of occupational safety and health of employees. The office ‘Veritas’ evaluated the UAB Juodeliai management system, and acknowledged the compliance with the requirements of the management system standards.

UAB Juodeliai has always, regardless of the implementation of the international standards, maintained its obligations to meet customer needs and expectations, to fully comply with the obligations to be assumed, and to provide the products that meet the agreed requirements. One of the values of the company is the maintenance of the world’s forest-management that is environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable. Furthermore, the company undertakes responsibility for its impact on the environment, and ensures to continuously improve its activities in order to avoid environmental pollution.

UAB Juodeliai is committed always: to ensuring workplace safety, and to applying in a timely manner the pro-active measures that guarantee the prevention of occupational illnesses and injuries. Moreover, the company obligates itself: to the continuous development of employee competence, and to raise employee awareness; as well as to encourage employee involvement in the company’s activities for improving the quality, environmental protection, and occupational safety and health of its employees.

UAB Juodeliai has been systematically analyzing the results of its activities, and improving the work within the company; and, simultaneously improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the integrated management system. The implemented standards obligate the company to set new annual objectives and tasks; thus, to aim at a continuous improvement and maintenance of the standards’ relevance.

07/09/2011 /  Our new business-management system — to help ensure a high-level of customer service

In order to optimize performance, UAB Juodeliai has inaugurated a new accounting and business-management system. The EU support of the programme, “E-business LT”, aimed at promoting micro / small / medium-sized enterprises to implement information technologies, in order to enable favourable conditions for increasing enterprise productivity and exports. Applications could be submitted by private legal entities that belonged to the category of micro / small / medium-sized enterprises, and which were operating for no less than one year (except for those cases where a company was controlled by another company, which was operating for no less than one year).

After submitting the application, UAB Juodeliai received fifty percent of the funding for the installation of this accounting and business management system. The EU contribution amounted to 122,500 litas; the same contribution will be provided by UAB Juodeliai. The intensive procedure of installation and programming will begin soon. The team of UAB Juodeliai is expecting that in 2012, this new business-management system will be operating, will help perform all of the work faster and better, and will ensure a high-level of customer service.

18/08/2011 /  Prospects for Pallet element Production for Autumn 2011

Pallet element production and sales planning are affected annually by Western European pallet manufacturers (for example, PAL and CP). From the first week of August, and into September, is the time when the majority of suppliers are decreasing their production, due to the vacations season and facilities renovations. Such factors are the main causes for the increase in inventory and the decline in demand. Additional factors that drew the attention of all producers were the results of the decline in financial indicators and in the credit rating of the USA. However, a continuous market analysis and close links with major partners allow us to relax even in the presence of these pressing issues. Foreign partners are informing that the recent “financial undulations“ do not directly influence their companies.

Major pallet-manufacturers are trying to maintain slightly reduced, but stable, production volumes. A continuous optimization of the production planning, as well as communication with clients, allow UAB Juodeliai to provide the continuation of the production supply without reducing the production/sales volumes. Active efforts with current potential customers are now providing optimistic hopes for the autumn 2011 trade perspective. Although the summer vacations season has not ended, there is an increase in production orders for the autumn – not only from regular customers, but also from potential new pallet element buyers.

A positive mood could also be created by the current news from the Far East. The market received the news about agreements between the EU and the People’s Republic of China, regarding the simplification of the international standard of phytosanitary measure labelling by ISPM-15 (“Instructions for Wood Packaging Material in International Trade”).

02/08/2011 /  Changeable Summer Weather Affects the Quality of Round-wood (Logs)

Currently, Lithuanian forests and the quality of wood have been greatly affected by the changeable summer weather. Hot and humid weather cause coniferous wood to turn blue. A significant damage has also been done to the raw material of deciduous wood, which resulted in decrease of the quality of the raw-material.

Recently, UAB Juodeliai has been facing this quality-maintenance issue quite often. A large portion of the timber from Lithuania’s forest enterprises is affected by the changeable weather. To reduce the degradation of the product quality, every shipment of wood is being carefully examined: by inspecting the wood, and returning damaged and/or inappropriate logs back to their suppliers. The company’s representatives are continually visiting timber storage sites of Lithuania’s forest-enterprises in order to select the proper wood at the first stage of manufacturing.

Compared to 2010, the volume of low-quality coniferous wood has increased by forty percent (40%). The continual cooperation with the representatives of Lithuania’s forest-enterprises helps to monitor the current situations of Lithuanian forests. Lithuanian forest enterprises believe that the quality of round-wood (i.e., logs) should increase by the middle of August, and predict expansion in the quantities of raw material.