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10/02/2014 /  We are featured in the press!

It’s good when your company is mentioned in the press. This month, the newspaper Radviliškio Naujienos published an article entitled “The railway capital becomes a wood processing centre” about the establishment and operations in the industrial park of the Radviliškis facilities of UAB Juodeliai. We are mentioned as one of the largest manufacturers of wooden pallets in the Baltic States, although we are actually one of the largest manufacturers of pallet wood. Nevertheless, we are delighted to have become one of the main investors in Radviliškis District and will create nearly 100 new jobs here. We have invested a lot, and our investments are considerably beyond the LTL 28 million mentioned in the article. Our total investments amount to LTL 42 million.

Our company will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year and will continue expanding its production and modernising. It is a perfect moment for changing, renewing, looking for new opportunities, and generating new ideas. We are proud to be pioneers in the implementation of new, computerised wood-processing lines in the Baltic States and Poland.

We are happy to contribute to the increase in the economic value of the regions of both Suvalkija and Aukštaitija. We hope to continue the smooth and mutually beneficial collaboration and communication with the local authorities, competitors, entrepreneurs, and the populace.

Radviliškio Naujienos, 31 January – 6 February 2014, No 5 (432)

27/07/2012 /  Representatives of the wood processing company Juodeliai attend the forum ‘Training of young employees aimed at raising the competitiveness of business companies’

The forum ‘Training of young employees aimed at raising the competitiveness of business companies’ for companies and students/schoolchildren was held on 24 July at the Europa Royale Marijampolė hotel. The purpose of this social initiative was to familiarise young people with companies operating in the region and with the activities of these companies. In this way, business companies of the region are involved in providing professional information to youth, while schoolchildren and students have an opportunity to learn more about the labour market.

During the event, UAB Juodeliai, producer of pallet wood, was mentioned together with other well-known companies of the Marijampolė region such as UAB ARVI and UAB MANTINGA. These companies provide the greatest contribution to the reduction of unemployment among the population of Marijampolė town and county, and to the successful professional growth, attraction of investments, and development of the region.

The close contacts of UAB Juodeliai with the academic community, participation of the company in socially responsible business initiatives, and direct communication with potential employees bear fruit. After the company’s participation in the KTU Career Days 2012 event, a promising young employee joined the company. The managers of UAB Juodeliai confirmed that the company would continue to participate in socially responsible business events.

27/03/2012 /  Debut of the wood processing company UAB Juodeliai at KTU Career Days 2012, fair for companies and Kaunas University of Technology students

KTU karjeros dienos 2012On 21 March of this year, the traditional KTU Career Days fair intended for companies and students was held at Kaunas University of Technology. This fair provided our company with an opportunity to present itself to the target group of potential employees and trainees, to reinforce its image of an attractive and reliable employer and partner, to expand our database of potential candidate employees, and to find some required employees and trainees. This year, a stand of UAB Juodeliai was also present among the 89 participating companies. Our company is growing and is looking for new, promising employees.

This was the first time UAB Juodeliai took part in such a fair. We are delighted with the results and intend to participate next year as well. According to employees of the company who attended KTU Career Days 2012, the event was highly successful and its results were impressive. This is why the participation of UAB Juodeliai in the fair may become a tradition.

Representatives of UAB Juodeliai, which is one of the largest wood processing companies in Lithuania , also attended KTU Ingenium, which was held for the fourth time already. The core of this event is an intellectual game that unites various people—students and representatives of different companies and Kaunas University of Technology—on one team. At the end of the event, the company representatives evaluate the participants and select three award winners. It should be mentioned however that actually all participants are winners because just the fact that they passed the selection process proves that they are the best and most active students at Kaunas University of Technology. This event is an excellent opportunity for companies to find some potential promising employees. The members of the UAB Juodeliai team are delighted that, along with the main activity of the company—the production of pallet wood—they can keep close contacts with the academic community, take part in various socially oriented events, and personally meet some potential employees.

07/02/2012 /  Nature causes adjustment of production plans for wood processing company in February

Until recently, the warm winter was favourable for cutting timber. In January, UAB Juodeliai produced 6,000 m³ of products and planned to use their maximum capacity in February to produce over 7,000 m³ of wood for pallets.

At the end of last week however, a Siberian anticyclone resulted in extreme cold in Lithuania. In some areas of the country, the temperature dropped below -30 ̊C. The extreme conditions forced us to adjust our production plans: the operation of the Jūrė sawmill was suspended earlier than planned for scheduled repair, while the productivity of the Akmenynai sawmill was reduced by approximately 20% in order to protect the equipment.

According to meteorologists, the extremely cold weather, which reached its peak last weekend, is likely to gradually become milder. By the first half of next week, we plan to start up the Jūrė sawmill, and in the second half of the week both the Jūrė and Akmenynai sawmills should be using all their production capacity. We plan to produce approximately 5,000 m³ of wood for pallets in February.

The impact of the natural conditions has some positive aspects as well: the scheduled repair of the equipment in the Jūrė sawmill will enable to ensure the precise dimensions of wood for pallets, reduce the quantity of products kept at the warehouse, and increase the quantity of logs available. All this will allow the company to be even more flexible in satisfying clients’ needs.

09/01/2012 /  UAB Juodeliai successfully achieves 2011 objectives

Summarised results for 2011 show that Juodeliai UAB has achieved its objectives set at the beginning of 2011. The company’s turnover increased to LTL 40 million, an increase of approximately 33 per cent compared to 2010. Production volume went up approximately 15 per cent and totalled 68,500 m³.

In 2011, Juodeliai UAB expanded its Sales Department, which now has 5 employees. The department can be proud that the number of clients increased as much as 125 per cent compared to 2010. The management of the company hopes that thanks to the good work, effort, and cooperation of all employees its objectives will also be achieved in 2012. The company expects its turnover in 2012 to reach LTL 50 million.