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17/03/2014 /  UAB Juodeliai takes part in KTU Career Days

We are delighted that the wood processing company UAB Juodeliai took part in KTU Career Days on 5 March. This is the third consecutive time the company has taken part. This event is different every year – exceptional, special and rich in something.

KTU Career Days 2014 were special because we participated as a general sponsor together with companies such as Barclays Technology Centre, DNB Bankas, IBM, Bentley Systems and Data Dog.

Although our own brand is not as famous yet, our goal is the same – we are looking for successful, talented and challenge-driven specialists because the individual is one of our key values!

This year’s event was attended by record numbers of students. There were so many people that it was difficult at times to reach the other end of the room. We were delighted that it was not only university students who were interested in the companies present; the career days were also visited by pupils from Kaunas high schools, teachers as well as people looking for a new job or new prospects.

Our stand received a lot of attention from future environmental protection specialists, chemical engineers, mechanics, electricians, economists, and finance specialists. Both young specialists with bachelor’s diplomas and MA and PhD students were looking for jobs and career opportunities. We were popular with teachers and had a chance to discuss the future prospects and opportunities of their students and the prospects of education as a whole with them.

We, a Lithuanian capital company, were also popular with foreign students. They inquired about the particularities of our operations, employment opportunities, our work principles, cooperation with European companies, and expansion to Asia and other regions.

KTU Career Days this year were rich in participants and diversity. The police and the army were also among the participants this year. Our stand also received numerous visits because it was decorated with a log to demonstrate the material we use to produce our euro pallets.

Everyone could see, touch and smell our products (firewood and pallet wood) and the products accumulated in the production process (sawdust and sliver).

KTU Career Days require considerable investment, effort, ideas, information and energy but the result is truly impressive: we boost people’s awareness about our company, it becomes easier for us to look for new specialists in a targeted manner, and we expand our own horizons. Furthermore, we find it beneficial to meet students on a regular basis, since students are generators of ideas, creators of energy and speed, users of the latest technologies, and disseminators of original views. All this ensures that our company never stops or is left behind and remains youthful, dynamic and flexible.

27/07/2012 /  Representatives of the wood processing company Juodeliai attend the forum ‘Training of young employees aimed at raising the competitiveness of business companies’

The forum ‘Training of young employees aimed at raising the competitiveness of business companies’ for companies and students/schoolchildren was held on 24 July at the Europa Royale Marijampolė hotel. The purpose of this social initiative was to familiarise young people with companies operating in the region and with the activities of these companies. In this way, business companies of the region are involved in providing professional information to youth, while schoolchildren and students have an opportunity to learn more about the labour market.

During the event, UAB Juodeliai, producer of pallet wood, was mentioned together with other well-known companies of the Marijampolė region such as UAB ARVI and UAB MANTINGA. These companies provide the greatest contribution to the reduction of unemployment among the population of Marijampolė town and county, and to the successful professional growth, attraction of investments, and development of the region.

The close contacts of UAB Juodeliai with the academic community, participation of the company in socially responsible business initiatives, and direct communication with potential employees bear fruit. After the company’s participation in the KTU Career Days 2012 event, a promising young employee joined the company. The managers of UAB Juodeliai confirmed that the company would continue to participate in socially responsible business events.

07/02/2012 /  Nature causes adjustment of production plans for wood processing company in February

Until recently, the warm winter was favourable for cutting timber. In January, UAB Juodeliai produced 6,000 m³ of products and planned to use their maximum capacity in February to produce over 7,000 m³ of wood for pallets.

At the end of last week however, a Siberian anticyclone resulted in extreme cold in Lithuania. In some areas of the country, the temperature dropped below -30 ̊C. The extreme conditions forced us to adjust our production plans: the operation of the Jūrė sawmill was suspended earlier than planned for scheduled repair, while the productivity of the Akmenynai sawmill was reduced by approximately 20% in order to protect the equipment.

According to meteorologists, the extremely cold weather, which reached its peak last weekend, is likely to gradually become milder. By the first half of next week, we plan to start up the Jūrė sawmill, and in the second half of the week both the Jūrė and Akmenynai sawmills should be using all their production capacity. We plan to produce approximately 5,000 m³ of wood for pallets in February.

The impact of the natural conditions has some positive aspects as well: the scheduled repair of the equipment in the Jūrė sawmill will enable to ensure the precise dimensions of wood for pallets, reduce the quantity of products kept at the warehouse, and increase the quantity of logs available. All this will allow the company to be even more flexible in satisfying clients’ needs.

06/12/2011 /  Competitions of round-wood purchases and sales were organised by the Lithuanian state forest sectors

On 22 November 2011, bi-annual competitions of round-wood sales and sales by long-term contracts were organised by the Lithuanian state forest sectors. he conditions of the contract were: large and medium-sized cut logs — 327,000 m3; small cut logs — 226.600 m3 [91,500 m3 of which were deciduous trees, and 135,100 m3 which were conifers]; pulpwood — 207.200 m3; wood boards — 130,800 m3; firewood — 133,800 m3; and wood waste — 99,300 m3.

After the results of round-wood competitions, it was noted that timber prices have decreased about 4 percent, which was less than had been expected. The results illustrate that the demand for raw material, which is suitable for the production of wood pallets and timber products, has remained at a high level. UAB Juodeliai is still the greatest buyer of small cut-logs in Lithuania. The amount of round-wood supplies that was won by the company is sufficient to ensure consistent and timely production processing, which will allow on-time delivery and maintain top quality.

18/08/2011 /  Prospects for Pallet element Production for Autumn 2011

Pallet element production and sales planning are affected annually by Western European pallet manufacturers (for example, PAL and CP). From the first week of August, and into September, is the time when the majority of suppliers are decreasing their production, due to the vacations season and facilities renovations. Such factors are the main causes for the increase in inventory and the decline in demand. Additional factors that drew the attention of all producers were the results of the decline in financial indicators and in the credit rating of the USA. However, a continuous market analysis and close links with major partners allow us to relax even in the presence of these pressing issues. Foreign partners are informing that the recent “financial undulations“ do not directly influence their companies.

Major pallet-manufacturers are trying to maintain slightly reduced, but stable, production volumes. A continuous optimization of the production planning, as well as communication with clients, allow UAB Juodeliai to provide the continuation of the production supply without reducing the production/sales volumes. Active efforts with current potential customers are now providing optimistic hopes for the autumn 2011 trade perspective. Although the summer vacations season has not ended, there is an increase in production orders for the autumn – not only from regular customers, but also from potential new pallet element buyers.

A positive mood could also be created by the current news from the Far East. The market received the news about agreements between the EU and the People’s Republic of China, regarding the simplification of the international standard of phytosanitary measure labelling by ISPM-15 (“Instructions for Wood Packaging Material in International Trade”).