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13/08/2014 /  ‘UAB Juodeliai Radviliškis Wood Processing Workshop’ Project Successfully Completed

The final verification of the ‘UAB Juodeliai Radviliškis Wood Processing Workshop’ project, funded under the EU program ‘Invest LT-2’, was carried out at UAB ‘Juodeliai’ wood processing company on 7 August. Director-General Andrius Zimnickas and Senior Accountant Loreta Žilinskienė have also attended the inspection.

The verification at the Radviliškis workshop (S. Dariaus ir S. Girėno st. 119, Radviliškis) has been carried out by the project managers of the ‘Lithuanian business support agency’ (LBSA), Project Management Department, Business Project Management Division. A full working day has been committed to the verification.

The inspectors responsible for the verification have checked the equipment obtained in the course of the Project as well as all the documents relevant to its implementation. They also requested a demonstration of all the production line elements, purchased in the course of the Project, as well as their operation. The verification also involved the inspection of the location chosen for the implementation of the Project as well as the activities performed.

The inspection has determined no essential discrepancies. Representatives of the ‘Lithuanian Business Support Agency’ (LBSA) have confirmed the adequate implementation of the Project.

29/07/2014 /  First Train Wagons in UAB ‘Juodeliai’ Workshop in Radviliškis

Radviliškis manufacturing department of UAB ‘Juodeliai’ wood processing company stands out not only due to its computerized wood processing infrastructure and specialized equipment that allows the preparation of wood products of exceptionally high quality but also due to its convenient geographic location. The nearby railroad was one of the reasons why this particular region was chosen for the expansion of the company.

UAB ‘Juodeliai’ started commercial production in the Radviliškis workshop on 1 May 2014, increased its production volumes, and is waiting for the first train wagons with wood material to arrive in the coming days. UAB ‘Juodeliai’ has its own railroad branch line for loading and unloading cargo in the company’s site.

08/07/2014 /  ‘UAB Juodeliai’ Team Participates in the ‘I Love My Company’ Competition!

A unique social project and competition ‘I Love My Company’, which is being held in Lithuania for the second time, has been launched in June this year. Thirty five Lithuanian companies participated in the competition last year, including employees of the wood processing company ‘UAB Juodeliai’. This year our team also intends to publicly express their love for their company!

Employees of various companies will compete to be named the best in four categories. We are proud that our company was listed in the category of large companies this year (‘UAB Juodeliai’ currently employs over 350 workers). Three companies that receive the largest number of votes in each category will go to the next stage. The final decision will be made by a competent jury who will select the best confessions of love – one in each category.

From 15 July to 7 October, you may express your support for our company by way of public voting and cast your vote for ‘UAB Juodeliai’ team at UAB Juodeliai’ team on myliusavoimone.lt and Facebook. The winners will be announced in October in line with the celebrations of the Company’s Day in Europe.

We did pretty well last year. Our team managed to get to the top 3 in the category of regional companies. The ever enthusiastic ‘UAB Juodeliai’ team aims again to achieve good business results this year as well as relax together and engage in some purposeful activities outside work. Our goal is to become Lithuania’s favourite company as well as the most creative and united team of employees.

Thank you for your support!

‘UAB Juodeliai’ Team

30/06/2014 /  Wood processing company UAB Juodeliai opens sawn timber processing facilities in Radviliškis, the most modern facilities of this type in the Baltic States

To increase export volumes and expand the selection of products, UAB Juodeliai, one of the largest wood processing companies in the Baltic States, implemented the project “The Radviliškis wood processing facilities of UAB Juodeliai” (VP2-2.1-ŪM-06-K-01-004) (project start date: July 2012) in the framework of the Invest LT-2 measure of Priority Axis 2 “Increasing efficiency of enterprises and promoting a supportive business environment” of the Operational Programme for Economic Growth for 2007–2013.

The main purpose of the project was to launch the most modern wood processing facilities in the Baltic region and Poland. The facilities are designed to produce high quality wood products using an innovative and fully computerised production technology so that the company can expand the selection of products and obtain considerable quantities of biofuel in the course of the production process.

The total value of the project exceeded LTL 42 million, of which LTL 4 million was obtained in the framework of the EU-funded Invest LT-2.
Andrius Zimnickas, Director General of UAB Juodeliai, is delighted that the company successfully completed its ambitious goal in June 2014: to open in Radviliškis the most modern wood processing facilities in the Baltic States and Poland. The facilities occupy an area of nearly 8 hectares. The production process is fully automated: the sawing process is controlled by computer systems that guarantee the high precision of the dimensions of wooden pallets and the flawless quality of wooden products. To date, 95 new jobs have been provided at the new facilities. The inauguration of the facilities will enable the company to expand the scope of production even further, react to market changes more promptly, offer shorter deadlines for completing customer orders, improve and implement advanced wood processing processes, and expand to new foreign markets, e.g. the UAE and China.

We are delighted to be able to contribute to the increase in the economic value of both the Suvalkija and Aukštaitija regions. We would like to express our gratitude to AB Šiaulių Bankas and Radviliškis District Government for their collaboration in implementing the project.

Contact person:
Mr Andrius Zimnickas,
Director General
Tel. +370 343 51201
E-mail a.zimnickas@juodeliai.lt

05/06/2014 /  Award received in the running competition ‘Let’s Run for Marijampolė 2014′

From 30 May to 1 June, 2014 the series of cultural events known as Days of Marijampolė City took place in the capital of Marijampolė County. A massive running competition called Let’s Run for Marijampolė 2014 was part of the annual festivity. The sport event surpassed all previous running competitions in Marijampolė by the number of participants.

The start of more than 200 runners was given in the morning of 31 May. Among numerous participants there was a team from Juodeliai, wood processing company. The length of race was 6 kilometres and participants ran through several city parks and multiple streets. The Juodeliai team received an award in recognition of the ‘Organisation Having Most Participants’.

Participation in such sport events unites team members, ameliorates relationships within the organization and motivates staff in new projects. Achievements in competitions affirms the team’s enthusiasm in reaching the best results.