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11/05/2015 /  UAB Juodeliai delivers its products to Europe not only by land, but also by sea

With the growing capacity of UAB Juodeliai wood processing company, the volume of its products is increasing, the number of customers is growing and the production sales market is expanding. It is important for the company to find an alternative to land transport, which is currently used for the transportation of the majority of production. As of April this year, UAB Juodeliai began to deliver its products by sea – in containers and fully loaded ships.

This process might be well familiar for other companies, but it was a new experience for UAB Juodeliai, forced to look for new solutions outside the usual manufacturing process. In April, the ship carried more than 2,500 m3 of wood representing about 13 percent of monthly production capacity of the company. The company has changed packaging specifications and invested in additional fastening materials so that products can reach the destination in stable packages. There is still room for improvement, but the company already provides further steps for correcting some errors. We hope that this process becomes permanent.

UAB Juodeliai appreciates that its clients and partners are willing to cooperate in organizing the delivery of production, searching for alternatives and seeking mutual benefits.

15/11/2011 /  Effective teamwork-training courses

On a sunny October 2011 weekend, the staff of UAB Juodeliai participated in training courses on the subject: “How to transform the staff into an effective operating team“. The objectives of the training courses were: to bring three subunits of the company’s staff together, to clarify the concept of effective teamwork, to provide practical skills in teamwork and team decision-making, as well as to help conceive the team’s own contribution within the activities of the organization. The participants were attempting to discover more-efficient ways of how to delegate tasks to others, and how to remain motivated in stressful situations. During practical tasks, the employees of UAB Juodeliai have learnt how to allocate responsibilities among the team members in the process of teamwork task-implementation. Disputes arising during certain task performances gave an excellent opportunity to try to deal with the current situations — not only theoretically, but also practically.

The two-days training courses gave each member of UAB Juodeliai an opportunity to acquire superior knowledge, which helps to perform daily work activities more effectively. Teamwork-training activities brought the team members together, as well as helped them to better understand each other.

12/10/2011 /  Unveiling Newly Updated Website www.juodeliai.com

UAB Juodeliai has announced recently that some innovative and positive changes were implemented in the company this autumn. The company was certified to be in compliance with three international standards ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, and OHSAS 18001:2007. Also, updates of the website were carried out. Currently, all the changes are visible online. Quite a strict, minimalistic image of the website that had been used previously was replaced by a more gentle and playful one. The website provides up-to-date information as well as formally approved certificates of the standards. An expanded contact list will allow users to contact a proper manager of the company directly and immediately. UAB Juodeliai hopes that visitors of the updated website www.juodeliai.com will not be disappointed.

26/09/2011 /  International standards have been implemented at UAB Juodeliai: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001

At the beginning of 2011, UAB Juodeliai began the implementation of an integrated management system. On September 19, the company was certified to be in compliance with three international standards: ISO 9001:2008 — the quality management system standard; ISO 14001:2004 — the environmental-protection management system standard; and OHSAS 18001:2007 — the management system standard of occupational safety and health of employees. The office ‘Veritas’ evaluated the UAB Juodeliai management system, and acknowledged the compliance with the requirements of the management system standards.

UAB Juodeliai has always, regardless of the implementation of the international standards, maintained its obligations to meet customer needs and expectations, to fully comply with the obligations to be assumed, and to provide the products that meet the agreed requirements. One of the values of the company is the maintenance of the world’s forest-management that is environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable. Furthermore, the company undertakes responsibility for its impact on the environment, and ensures to continuously improve its activities in order to avoid environmental pollution.

UAB Juodeliai is committed always: to ensuring workplace safety, and to applying in a timely manner the pro-active measures that guarantee the prevention of occupational illnesses and injuries. Moreover, the company obligates itself: to the continuous development of employee competence, and to raise employee awareness; as well as to encourage employee involvement in the company’s activities for improving the quality, environmental protection, and occupational safety and health of its employees.

UAB Juodeliai has been systematically analyzing the results of its activities, and improving the work within the company; and, simultaneously improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the integrated management system. The implemented standards obligate the company to set new annual objectives and tasks; thus, to aim at a continuous improvement and maintenance of the standards’ relevance.

07/09/2011 /  Our new business-management system — to help ensure a high-level of customer service

In order to optimize performance, UAB Juodeliai has inaugurated a new accounting and business-management system. The EU support of the programme, “E-business LT”, aimed at promoting micro / small / medium-sized enterprises to implement information technologies, in order to enable favourable conditions for increasing enterprise productivity and exports. Applications could be submitted by private legal entities that belonged to the category of micro / small / medium-sized enterprises, and which were operating for no less than one year (except for those cases where a company was controlled by another company, which was operating for no less than one year).

After submitting the application, UAB Juodeliai received fifty percent of the funding for the installation of this accounting and business management system. The EU contribution amounted to 122,500 litas; the same contribution will be provided by UAB Juodeliai. The intensive procedure of installation and programming will begin soon. The team of UAB Juodeliai is expecting that in 2012, this new business-management system will be operating, will help perform all of the work faster and better, and will ensure a high-level of customer service.